An invitation: Scale Factor @ A-Space

One of my 9.5 x 12 inch studies for a small section of a 40 x 60 inch painting.

Larry Morelli pieces together pages of spiral-bound sketchbooks and adheres them to canvas.

Jonathan Waters, installation view

One of Emilia Dubicki’s palm-sized paintings

A while back, Two Coats ran a post about Jonathan Waters, the mastermind behind A-Space Gallery and West Cove Studios just outside New Haven. This Saturday, “Scale Factor,” a group exhibition that explores ideas about size, opens the new season at A-Space. I contributed “Bigger Than Pat Steir,” a new piece that references Steir’s recent show at Cheim and Read. Made of unstretched linen stapled to the wall and a 30″ x 40″ stretched and painted canvas, the piece, at 18,000 square inches, is slightly bigger than one of Steir’s massive new paintings. I also have two small 2011 studies on wood panel (see image at top) in the show. I used to do interim studies like this on the computer, but recently I’ve started doing them by hand. Cat Balco, Ethan Boisvert, Emilia Dubicki, Cham Hendon, Chris Joy, Larry Morelli, Jerry Saladyga, Jean Scott, Brian Gil Wendler and Jonathan Waters all contribute heroic works that range from public grandeur to confessional intimacy.
The opening reception is this Saturday, April 9, 4�7 pm. If you’re in the Connecticut area, please stop by.

Scale Factor,” organized by Jonathan Waters, A-Space Gallery at West Cove Studios, West Haven, CT. Through May 15, 2011. Hours: Weekdays 1-4pm, weekends 10-4pm.

UPDATE: Here are some installation images.

 Chris Joy (Sorry about the people blocking his piece)
 Cham Hendon

The amazing view from A-Space.
 Larry Morelli

 Jonathan Waters and Cat Balco
 Ethan Boisvert
 Every old loft building has a timeclock, right?
 Jean Scott

Jerry Saladyga

 Cat Balco

 Jonathan Waters

 Emily Dubicki

A few of my pieces.


  1. Congratulations! Good luck with the show!

  2. Great! Best wishes for the show.

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