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Brooklyn: Saturday Night Fever

This Saturday take the L, the JMZ, or the G train to Brooklyn where the Williamsburg Gallery Association (WGA) presents Williamsburg Armory Night and Bushwick stages SiteFest. The organizers say it’s the dark side of Armory Week�where Brooklyn�s own and their worldwide conspirators throw a wickedly chic, secret celebration.

Here are some openings to check out.

Adam Simon at Pocket Utopia in Bushwick. Adam’s work explores the poetry of painted subdued surfaces that both achieve and conceal evidence of the artist�s hand. “One could say that the paintings investigate the commonality of all human experience, were it not for the specificity of the images, which warns us that we are dealing with a prescriptive form of contemporary western culture. These are �generic moments,� derived from the low end of commercial stock photography. In addition to the paintings the exhibition will include a wall-sized installation of 15 years worth of arranged acetate silhouettes, the forms from which these and other paintings were made.”

Rachel Beach, “Towers and Portals,” at Like the Spice in Williamsburg. “Situated firmly in the border between sculpture and painting, illusion and reality, masculine and feminine, representation, abstraction and decoration, Rachel Beach�s wooden portals and towers are crafted around cultural and biological limits. By playing painted illusion against sculptural reality each sculpture/painting creates a crisis of perception, an irresolvable tension between what you see and what is possible.”

The Boiler, Williamsburg. Joe Amrhein (Pierogi) includes three gallery artists in the grand opening of this new huge space: Tavares Strachan, Yoon Lee, and Jonathan Schipper. “We will show, for the first time in New York, an ambitious project by Strachan, ‘The Distance Between What We Have and What We Want (Arctic Ice Project).’ The centerpiece of this installation is a 4.5 ton block of ice, brought from the arctic and kept frozen in a solar-powered glass freezer. (See attached press release for full details.) We will also show a dramatic twenty-foot painting by Yoon Lee and Jonathan Schipper�s ‘215 Points of View’�a 6-foot diameter sphere covered with 215 surveillance cameras and corresponding monitors�suspended from the ceiling.” Pierogi also has an opening (Brian Dewan and Nadja Bournonville) that features a 9pm performance of Dewanatron. Special guests expected.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was just going to wander around Williamsburg :). Should be a fun night!

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