Reclusive Austrailan painter Janet Dawson has retrospective

“Janet Dawson Survey, 1953-2006,” curated by Christine France. University of Queensland Art Museum, through August 19.

Suzanna Clark in the The Courier Mail: “Since the 1950s, the highly accomplished painter has displayed her mastery in a wide variety of styles � she has influenced the development of lithography in 1960s’ Australia; was a significant figure in the abstract movement; and won the Archibald in the early 1970s � yet her work is not widely known these days beyond fine art circles….This exhibition of 60 works offers the opportunity to grasp the immense breadth of Dawson’s output. Her early work is such a contrast to her latter, it could have been produced by two entirely different people. At the age of 72, while other prominent artists of her generation are feted and fussed over, she goes about her business quietly, building on her significant body of work. ..The exhibition’s curator, Christine France, says Dawson prefers an extraordinarily private life. ‘She’s a very warm person, but values her privacy above all else, to the point where she hasn’t ever seen the exhibition.'” Read more.

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