Art bloggers redefine media coverage of the arts

James Kalm endorses the new art bloggers in the July/ August issue of The Brooklyn Rail: “‘Don�t talk, paint. If you can express what you want in words you should be a writer or poet, not an artist.’ This was one of the slogans frequently repeated by faculty members in the art department where I studied during the late seventies….Today, we�re facing a paradigm shift. Thanks to the Internet, the monopoly of the elites and the publishing empires they represent are crumbling, and if the blinders imposed by the powers that be haven�t yet been pried off, they have at least, for the moment, been bent back. If you don�t believe in democracy, this is a problem. If you do, then this is could be the dawning of a new golden age. Anyone who visits websites like artnet.com, artforum.com, or our own brooklynrail.org, is aware of the vast amount of valuable content on the net. Within the past few years individual art bloggers have appeared. As a confirmed contrarian, committed to opposing any structure whatsoever, the idea of a venue where the only limitations are an individual�s intellect, energy, and time is very appealing. ” Read more.

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