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Mara Korkola paints Toronto

Mara Korkola, whose current show is up at Nicholas Metivier Gallery, paints the humble, the everyday. Her weakness is for representational painting that dissolves into painterly abstraction, so naturally she counts Morandi, Celmins, Richter, Downes, and Tuymans among her favorites. In the Globe and Rail, Gary Michael Dault gives Korkola […]


Painting reviews from the North Pole

“Emmy Skensved,” Greener Pastures Contemporary Art Gallery.Through Jan. 13. “Nada Sesar-Raffay: Swing,” Edward Day Gallery.Through Jan. 6. “Lynne McIlvride Evans: Tourists Welcome–A Chapel of Recent Paintings,” David Kaye Gallery. Through Dec. 23.Snarky Gary Michael Dault reviews these Toronto painting shows in the Globe and Mail. Note to last-minute shoppers: The […]