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The trouble with JPEGs

Baltimore Museum of Art presents an intimate show of Ellsworth Kelly’s paintings and drawings selected from local collections and the museum’s vault. In the City Paper, Bret McCabe explains why Kelly’s work has to be experienced in person. “Sure, it’s big–not imposing enough to dwarf anybody standing before the rectangles, […]


85-year-old Grace Hartigan shows new work in Baltimore

“Grace Hartigan: New Painting,” C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD. Through January 5. In the Baltimore City Paper, Kate Noonan reports that Hartigan continues to explore familiar themes in her paintings of brides, starlets and reinterpretations of famous portraits from art history. “In addition to the art-historical paintings that dominate the […]


Recommending Beverly Ress

On the art blog Working, Amy Wilson, on a break from writing a stack of recommendation letters, wonders why her talented friend Beverly Ress isn’t an artworld big. In a 2007 art review for the Baltimore City Paper, Deborah McLeod described Ress’s work. “These meticulous colored-pencil drawings float on expanses […]