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Dumbo Open Studios in full tilt

Opening night reception for the group exhibition “philosopicalinvestigations” at Platform Project Space, 20 Jay Street 319, curated by artist Franklin Evans (center). Platform founder Elizabeth Hazan at far left.

Contributed by Patrick Neal / Open Studio events always take place on weekends throughout artist enclaves in the city, and this past weekend it was DUMBO’s turn. This year, DUMBO Open Studios included a slew of events — 140 open studios, pop-up shows in studios and conference rooms, installations in storefront windows and on sidewalks, self-guided and docent-led tours, and artists selling their wares on the street. Art in Dumbo’s website offered several helpful maps and interactive tools to assist in planning a weekend of studio hopping, and they will continue to be a useful resource for the art community. A special feature this year was Curated Guides, specializing in specific areas of interest like drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and non-objective art. Exhibitions in commercial, non-profit, and residency program galleries were abundant, as were opportunities to talk to artists in their studios and see work in progress. 

Part of the fun for me was straying from familiar streets and better-known venues to discover new art, places, and terrain, such as the backstreets of Vinegar Hill, and arriving by ferry instead of subway and experiencing breathtaking waterway views. I began my adventures on Friday night attending opening receptions at various group shows before heading out to individual studios to see art all day Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday brunch at Fred, a pop-up gallery project conceptualized by artists Jeff Wallace and Derek G. Larson, 145 Plymouth Street. On display is the group exhibition “Homage.”
Pop-up show curated by artist Lauren Skelly Bailey (at right) in the conference room on the 7th floor of 20 Jay street. Seen here with artist Natale Adgnot. 
Sharon Louden studio at 20 Jay Street 210B.
Studio of artist Ezra Benus at BRICLAB multi-disciplinary residency program, 20 Jay Street M04.
Studio of artist Madjeen Isaac at BRICLAB multi-disciplinary residency program, 20 Jay Street M04.
Studio of artist Kate Teale, 20 Jay Street M01. 
Studio of artist Juan Sanchez, 20 Jay Street M10E. 
Studio of artist Alexi Worth, 20 Jay Street M06. 
Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program resident artist William Eckhardt Kohler, 20 Jay Street, suite 722. 
Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program resident artist Janice Nowinski, 20 Jay Street, suite 722. 
Triangle Arts Association resident artist Poyen Wang, 20 Jay Street 317/318.
Studio of artist Etty Yaniv, 20 Jay Street 315. 
NYSS Projects @DUMBO Exhibition “Sleeper is a Player” with works by Artist-in-Residence Erica Newton (right) seen here with fellow Artist-in-Residence Yiting Zhao.
Studio of artist Bernardo Siciliano, 20 Jay Street 310B. 
Group show, “Output” a three-person exhibition co-organized by Jennifer Baahng and Two Coats of Paint’s founder Sharon Butler (second at right), in Sharon’s studio at 20 Jay Street 308. Guest artists were Bill Albertini and R.C. Baker.
Studio of artist Melanie Berardicelli, 68 Jay Street 414. 
Studio of artist Louis Venturelli, 68 Jay Street 606. 
The exhibition “Itziar Barrio, did not feel low, was sleeping” at Smack Mellon non-profit arts organization, 92 Plymouth Street.
Smack Mellon resident artist Ogemdi Ude, 92 Plymouth Street.
Studio of artist Bahar Behbahani, 55 Washington Street 256. 
Studio of artist Marsha Cottrell, 55 Washington Street 258. 
Studio of artist Zeph Farmby, 55 Washington Street 319. 
Studio of artist April Hannah, 55 Washington Street 714.
Studio of artist Cade Pemberton, 54 Pearl Street 2B. 
Studio of artist Christopher Wynter, 54 Pearl Street 1B. 
Studio of artist Magdalena Dukiewicz, 54 Pearl Street, 1E.
Studio of artist Marianna Ellenberg, 54 Pearl Street, 1E. 
Studio of artist Brian Brown, 54 Pearl Street, 1E. 
Scott Endsley studio, 220 Plymouth Street, 5B.
Studio of artist Vivian Scott, 52 Hudson Avenue, ground floor. 
Studio of artist Roxi Marsen, 71 Hudson Avenue, 2nd floor. 
Studio of artist James Howard Collins, 79 Hudson Avenue, 2F. 
Studio of artist Nicholas Evans-Cato, 87 Hudson Avenue, ground floor. 

DUMBO Open Studios, April 21-23, Brooklyn, NY. Go to the DOS Artists’ Guide to find out more about each of the artists mentioned in this post (and more).

About the author: Patrick Neal, a regular contributor to Two Coats of Paint, is a painter, freelance art writer, and longtime resident of Long Island City. His solo show, Anonymous: Oasis will be on view at Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Chatham, NY, from October 21 through November 25, 2023. Neal is curator of the group exhibition, The Mirror Blue Night, on view at Undercroft Gallery, The Church of Heavenly Rest, New York, NY, beginning in September 2023.


  1. Well done Patrick. I can’t believe I missed this event this year. So it was great to see your pictures.

  2. What a great roundup – & photos! Thanks 😄

  3. Thanks Two Coates and P Neal! DUMBO weekend of creative open doors

  4. Really great photos capturing all the fun of the weekend! Thank you!!

  5. Thank you, Patrick Neal and Two Coats of Paint. Great to see Vinegar Hill highlighted!

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