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Here are some items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter feed. For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed.

Anne Sherwood Pundyk, “Sharpshooter”, oil and acrylic on linen, 63 x 60 inches, 2009
  1. Anne Sherwood Pundyk (Blog here: http://bit.ly/4HWPAW) at Susan Eley Fine Art http://bit.ly/5e1nAu half a minute ago 
  2. Submit an exhibition proposal to the New Bedford Art Museum http://bit.ly/7pBhwd 16 minutes ago 
  3. RT @culturepundits: The creative for our new sponsor just went live: @cooperhewitt Design USA exhibition http://bit.ly/yATmf #culturepundits about 17 hours ago 
  4. RT @holartbooks: Terry Smith wins @collegeart Mather Award for “What is Contemporary Art?” (http://bit.ly/8j756T) pub. by @UChicagoPressabout 18 hours ago
  5. Interview w Stanley Whitney in The Rail http://bit.ly/5HFYoR 1:49 PM Jan 7th

    Stanley Whitney painting, courtesy of Colleen’s Trail Blog
  6. Must see: RT @ArtCatNY: Stanley Whitney at Team Gallery: http://bit.ly/4p9yF2 12:38 PM Jan 7th 
  7. James Kalm Report: Famous Accountants in Bushwick, Andrzej Zielinski at DCKT http://bit.ly/6PVgtQ 9:49 AM Jan 7th
  8. RT @jen_dalton: Further elaborations on #class project are up at http://www.hashtagclass.blogspot.com. send us a proposal! 9:15 AM Jan 7th 
  9. RT @cmonstah: Win a date with C-Monster: I’ll take you to the @guggenheim and we can get conceptual. http://bit.ly/6W92ZI 9:12 AM Jan 7th 
  10. RT @ArtCatNY: BLOG THIS! Blogging the contemporary arts, a panel discussion at @xinitiative http://bit.ly/7y15KN 1:44 PM Jan 6th
  11. @KevinBuist @HAHAMAG There was a mix up with the video of the blogger panel, but here’s a report : http://bit.ly/8sJuYS 1:04 PM Jan 6th 
  12. New traction for art bloggers evident at Art Basel Miami (although the editor’s characterization in the headline as “the royal treatment at Art Basel Miami” goes, um,  a little too far.): http://bit.ly/8jrgV4 12:42 PM Jan 6th 
  13. RT @culturepundits: We love our sponsors! @cmonstah says it best http://bit.ly/5X0XdG #culturepundits 4:00 PM Jan 5th 
  14. Directory of the Top Tens w links from @16Miles http://bit.ly/8aFKTP
  15. I’ll be at the Storefront grand opening in Bushwick tonight. Check out installation images of the inaugural show here: http://bit.ly/6geDM3 
  16. Ouch: Bloggers are just blokes with a keyboard and an attitude http://bit.ly/6CJ9yc (via @artnetdotcom)

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  1. Sharon, I really love your red, yellow,blue, green Installation as well as the Beacon Paintings!

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