Ala Ebtekar: responding to contemporary geopolitical crises

“Ala Ebtekar: Drawings on paper mounted on canvas,” Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA. Through Sept. 1.

Kenneth Baker in the San Franscisco Chronicle: “Born in the United States and raised here and in Iran by his Iranian parents, Ebtekar finds himself positioned to respond as few American artists can to contemporary geopolitical crises. His work stages its own confrontations of tradition and postmodernity, reflecting mutely on graver, more literal ones in the world at large….Ebtekar’s manner of working on splayed pages may bring to mind some of the unforgettable collaborative works of Tim Rollins and KOS. In fact, as a teenager, Ebtekar was one of the Kids of Survival and now has found his own uses for their practice of responding to books by imposing images on them.” Read more.

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