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Gallery shows

Artist�s statement: Tamalin Baumgarten

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Tamalin Baumgarten�s haunting paintings are inspired by the landscape, history, and people of Cuttyhunk, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. As a child, Baumgarten spent summers there with her family, and for the past few years she has been running the Cuttyhunk Island Artists� Residency out of the family home. �For me, […]

Museum Exhibitions

Zilia S�nchez, surrounded by the sea

Contributed by Katarina Wong / In Zilia S�nchez�s retrospective currently on view at The Phillips Collection, a video shows her on the beach, casting one of her shaped paintings �Soy Isla (I Am an Island)� into the waves. This piece sets the tone for an exceptional exhibition from a fiercely independent artist. Born […]

Group Shows

Artist to artist: An exchange with Cuba

At the official level, the United States has politically and economically ostracized Cuba for the past 60 years, since communist dictator Fidel Castro took power and helped precipitate the Cuban Missile Crisis. But after�the Cold War ended, mutual cultural exploration expanded;�recall,�for instance, the stateside success of�Ry Cooder�s 1997 album�Buena Vista […]


Sustenance: Physically estranged from the art world, but not disconnected

In Mathews, a small town located on�the�Chesapeake Bay in�Virginia, Justin Hunter Allen and Lucy Kirkman Allen run�a small gallery that they call�#FFFHEX, after the hexadecimal�designation for�white. Although they live in a rural area, they�graduated from�Cooper Union, have had a gallery space in Dallas, and�subscribe to what they call�”the�white cube philosophy” […]