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Vancouver: Trying to see the sea, like fathoming love and the unconscious

Contributed by Dion Kliner / Situated in Vancouvers original Chinatown, the Sun Wah Center has been an artistic hub housing a diverse cross section of the cultural community since 2016. In the Centers windowless basement, the Canton-sardine Gallery is isolated from street noise and has no natural light. For Kristin Mans, A-MARE to love-to sea, the gallery had been submerged in a deep violet-blue light and the sound of water that spilled into the hallway….


Jay Senetchko: A tale of two empires

Contributed by Dion Kliner / Looking from painting to painting at “The Course of a Distant Empire,� Jay Senetchko�s fine solo exhibition at Windsor Gallery in Vancouver,�you might begin to recall�the distinctly dissonant percussion in�Tom Waits�s cheerfully ominous�song as he plaintively asks, �What�s he building in there?� And then, �Where […]

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Jeremy Hof: The elephant In the room

Contributed by Dion Kliner / A preamble: An elephant in a living room, as unlikely as it is to find one there, would never be mistaken for a couch. That is something of the situation that Jeremy Hof�s work puts one in; forcing the unfortunate necessity of bringing up the question of a particular […]


Pierre Coupey: Beyond the borders

Contributed by Dion Kliner / Over the course of more than five decades as a non-representational painter Pierre Coupey has deliberately avoided settling into a signature style. His pursuit is the presentation of a material and its range of application. An explorer�s zeal for discovery is only half the explanation. […]

Gallery shows

Vancouver Report: Lyse Lemieux at Republic Gallery

 Guest Contributor Dion Kliner (Vancouver, BC)  /  John Singer Sargent enigmatically said, “A portrait is a painting with a little something wrong about the mouth.” Was he simply making a neutral observation, or was he talking about their relative value as art? Was it that a portrait is a slightly […]


Darcy Mann: A tangle of layers

Guest contributor: Dion Kliner / Vancouver BC / The German author Goethe wrote, �Men must retire from the world from time to time, for the world with its lewd and superficial activity interferes with the awakening of the best.� The site of that retreat is the wilderness; desert, ocean, but […]