EMAIL: A note from Barbara Friedman

Hi Sharon,

It was so nice of you and J to come [to the Soapbox at Studio 10] last night. We had to stay and say hi to latecomers, so by the time we finally got to Tutu’s, you’d already left. The four of us must make a dinner date! Thanks for suggesting I send you jpegs of my work in the show. These drawings were also up initially but we took them down for the event.

For the last six months or so I’ve been painting in museums. I cart my paints and portable easel to the Met, the Hispanic Society or the Brooklyn Museum. It’s been fun – lingering in front of a piece long after others have moved on. Here are images of some drawings (charcoal on glassine) also made on site.

I hope you find your notebook. I was thinking about that this morning. It’ll be interesting to
compare your two notebooks when the lost one turns up – which it
inevitably will. Have you seen Jay deFeo at the Whitney?  When I
lived in San Francisco she was such a legend there….

Barbara Friedman is a New York artist and a member of the distinguished art faculty at Pace University’s Dyson College of the Arts and Sciences. These drawings were recently included in “20/20/13,” an exhibition at Studio 10 in Bushwick that also featured work by Kevin Curran, Paul D’Agostino, Joan Logue, Cathy Quinlan, and Adam Simon.

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  1. I love these drawings. They're very mysterious and haunting. Beautiful and intriguing work.

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