EMAIL: Austin Thomas in residence at Brooks School

This week, in conjunction with “Collage Insights,” a solo exhibition of collages, sketchbooks and never-before-shown source photographs, galler-artist Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia was the Artist-in-Residence at Brooks School, a 9-12 grade college prep in North Andover, Massachusetts. With Amy Graham, the art department chair and director of the Lehman Art Center, Thomas worked with the students, teaching them that drawing is a language not an academic discipline. “Tomorrow I will set up a still life and the students will look at it (and not draw) for 20 minutes, ” Thomas wrote me from Brooks on Tuesday. “They will be ‘still with life,’  and then they will describe their ‘drawings’ to me. It’s part Beuysian, part Agnes Martin, all Pocket Utopia – relational and collaged.” Here are some of the pictures she sent along with her note.

Students at work.
One student’s finished drawing.
Some of Thomas’s sketchbooks in the exhibition.
Installation view of her source photographs

Thomas (on right) answers questions about her work during the opening reception. Note: Installation images are from the school’s website.

Heading home before the snow storm hits.

Austin Thomas: “Collage Insight,” Robert Lehman Arts Center, Brooks School, North Andover, Massachusetts. Through March 25, 2013. 


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