Images: Thomas Berding

 Thomas Berding, “By Land and By Sea,” 2010, oil on canvas, 70? x 76?
Thomas Berding, “Light of Day,” 2010, oil on Canvas, 44? x 48?

Thomas Berding, “The Lab,” 2008, oil on canvas, 48? x 44?

Made in response to the post-industrial landscape, Thomas Berding’s recent paintings draw upon the sense of refuse and the promise of refuge that urban centers and ports of commerce suggest. He sees the the network of city streets and buildings as a stage on which more mercurial behaviors, fleeting notions, and unrequited longings play out. “Ultimately it is my hope,” Berding says, “that the paintings, like urban landscapes, teem with a sort of double consciousness, a prevailing sense of both, the future-present and the ever-present past.”

I zeroed-in on Berding’s paintings this week when I stopped by a group show at The Painting Center. A RISD grad, Berding is an associate professor of Studio Art and chair of the Department of Art and Art History at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

Charged Brushes,” The Painting Center, New York, NY. Through March 26, 2011. Ten Artists selected from The Painting Center Registry including: Thomas Berding, Brian Bishop, Galen Cheney, Jeanette Fintz, Patrick Earl Hammie, Suzanne Guppy, Mark Lavatelli, Lorna Ritz, Jo Ann Rothschild, Robert Szot

IMAGES is a regular feature devoted to work by painters who deserve more love.

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  1. wonderful works……
    so good to see posts about painting. and good painting.

  2. wonderful works……
    so good to see posts about painting. and good painting.

  3. I own an earlier Tom Berding piece and I love his work. Glad to see him getting more recognition.

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