Shag: beehives, pool parties and sophisticated after-five cocktails

In The Age Kylie Northover reports that Southern Californian Josh Agle‘s ideal world be one long, stylish cocktail party, circa 1965. “Agle, in Melbourne for the opening of his new exhibition “The Birds and the Beasts” at the Outre Gallery, and better known simply as Shag, is the hippest Daddy-o on the modern art scene, creating vibrant ’50s and ’60s-inspired artworks, using a distinctive flat-plane technique and pop-art motifs. Drawing on his love of mid-century design and films and advertising from the era, Agle’s lowbrow works have become hot property among collectors. His art inhabits a romanticised world of ’60s hedonism; a time of beehives, pool parties and sophisticated after-five cocktails that didn’t end with Cath from payroll vomiting on King Street.” Read more. Visit Shag’s LA studio, courtesy Guillotine Magazine.

Shag: The Birds and the Beasts,“Outre Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Through May 6.

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