Mira Schor: Resonances and influences

Last year the College Art Asociation ArtSpace Committee selected Mira Schor to participate in the Distinguished Artists’ Interviews at the Annual Conference in New York. A video of the interview, with Stuart Horodner, artistic director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, has recently been posted online.

[Image at top: Mira Schor, Reversible Painting: Map, 2013, ink and oil on gesso on linen, 28 x 24 inches.]

“Painting is the medium that I was born into…and yet by the time I became an artist it was under attack…” Schor talks poignantly about growing up in the New York art world among a family of artists, being part of the Feminist movement, and using language and text in her work. “I make paintings in English…”

Schor also has a solo show opening at CB1 in LA on October 19. According to the press release, Schor’s new work
“addresses the terms of contemporary psychic, theoretical, and economic
spaces as they affect creativity. The central theme in these paintings
is the experience of living in a moment of radical inequality,
austerity, and accelerated time, set against the powerful pull of older
notions of time, craft, and visual pleasure.”  She will give a talk at the gallery on October 19 at 4 pm.

Mira Schor: Chthonic Garden,” CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.  October 19 through
December 8, 2013.


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