Sunday Matinee: Gary Stephan

Gary Stephan (American,
b. 1942), who used to show at big galleries like Mary Boone Gallery, Hirschl
and Adler and Marlborough Gallery, is known for his idiosyncratic abstraction.

Recently Dan Devening of Devening Projects + Editions
in Chicago sent me some images of Stephan’s new work, some of which
will be included in “Broken/Window/Plane,” a February 2012 group show
curated by John Yau at Tracy Williams, Ltd. in New York.

following paintings, all made in 2011, are acrylics on canvas,
untitled, and around 70 x 56 inches. I look forward to seeing them in


This next group of  images features acrylic on paper from 2011.


  1. Terrific work. The level of invention is mind-blowing.

  2. Amazing work he has great use of color and darker shades, I really like the first painting

  3. Loved the 2nd to the last piece! Thanks for the compilation of this btw!

  4. I have always enjoyed his work. Elegant with a twisted edge to it. This new work seems to be continuing the tradition.

  5. When you think he's a contemporary of people like Lasker and Halley it's puzzling the way he's often overlooked, or has faded from view in NYC. He's definitely on the same page.
    Some of his more recent dragging/wiping technique reminds me a lot of Juan Usle, as well. I mean he's ticking all the right boxes, but somehow he doesn't draw quite the same enthusiasm. What is it? Personality problems? Bitchy critics? In an ideal world he would have a lot more recognition. Part of the problem is abstraction itself struggles for a critical discourse these days – but that hasn't stopped Lasker or Halley enjoying enormous market success.

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