Modern Painters licenses critics and shortlists artist-collaborators

In a departure from the usual end-of-year roundups and top 10 lists, Modern Painters invited Peter Schjeldahl, Vince Aletti, Sarah Kent, and Matthew Collings to renew their Art Critics License�a document based on an actual US visa application recently completed by one of their editors. They also put together their third annual short list of “the future’s best and brightest,” which focuses on artists who collaborate. Selected artists include:
Jennie C. Jones and Deborah Grant
Rosa Barba and David Maljkovic
Robin Watkins and Nina Canell
Pratchaya Phinthong + Danh Vo
Fran�ois Bucher + Ayreen Anastas + Rene Gabri
Beno�t Maire + Falke Pisano
Ken Okiishi + Nick Mauss
Oscar Tuazon + Gardar Eide Einarsson
Emily Roysdon + Emma Hedditch

(via Artinfo)


  1. Why does the phrase “artists who collaborate” sound so subversive?

  2. Your long years in the French Resistance may be coloring your understanding of the term ‘collaborate’, Cross. I expect ‘co-operation’ would have you reaching for your cyanide capsule as well.

    But frankly, what Modern Painters would now about the present, much less future of art wouldn’t fill the back of a postage stamp.

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