Chris Martin’s dare at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Chris Martin,” Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, NY. Through March 1.

Chris Martin investigates color, form and texture, ranging from bold and graphic to gestural and expressionistic. The surfaces are often distressed or collaged with elements including shellacked Wonder Bread, broken vinyl records and papier m�ch� forms. Martin, thoroughly engaged with the history of abstraction, incorporates homages to artistic influences such as Paul Feeley, Yayoi Kusama and Alfred Jensen. In an old ArtForum review, Bruce Hainley writes that “however densely worked his canvases are, there is a lightness to Martin’s proceedings, a relishing of the ‘wrong’ or ‘ugly’ that becomes a dare: Why not?” Check out the images at Michell-Innes & Nash.

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