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Gallery shows

The new theatrical space of Amy Lincoln

Contributed by Jason Andrew / Amy Lincoln�s soaring trajectory has locked in the natural world, the phenomena within it, and the epic world of myth. Ten new paintings now on view at Sperone Westwater embrace these pervasive elements while exploring a bold new theatrical space.


Susan Rothenberg: Hope and discontent

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Susan Rothenberg�s invariably forceful and confident paintings have a beguiling twitchiness, created out of layers of agitated brushwork from a restless hand. In her latest solo at Sperone Westwater, she continues to embrace a non-serial approach, presenting paintings and drawings of various objects and animals […]


Yau on Schnabel: Pedestrian at best

In The Brooklyn Rail, John Yau compares Julian Schnabel to Jean Cocteau, another self-agrandizing artist who was a better filmmaker than a painter. “What aberration allows bad artists to make terrific films? Why is it that the clich�s that make for turgid art become acceptable and engaging when they are […]


Fathoming the depths of Schnabelia

“Julian Schnabel: Navigation Drawings,” Sperone Westwater, New York, NY. Through Feb. 16. In the catalog for the show, Sounding in Fathoms: Julian Schnabel�s Recent Navigation Drawings, David Moos writes that “Schnabel�s work is rooted in exploring and trying to define the difference between epiphany and the commonplace. In his recent […]