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Painted word and reductive abstraction in Philadelphia

“Anthony Campuzano: Note on Door,” Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through Oct. 27. “Kevin Finklea: I know what I want and I’m certain I can’t have it,” Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through Oct. 27. Edith Newhall reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Campuzano’s paintings convey a sense of potential menace lurking in […]


Bancroft Pre-Raphaelite collection returns to Delaware

“The Return of the Pre-Raphaelites,” Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE. On permanent display. Christopher Yasiejko reports in the News Journal how the Bancroft Collection of Pre-Raphaelite Art, America�s largest collection of Pre-Raphs outside the UK, returned to the museum after a lengthy international tour. “The unmarked tractor-trailer arrived in secrecy […]


Street art and mural news

Note to emerging artists, upstart galleries and other publicity seekers: street art and mural projects always generate more media coverage than gallery shows, although not necessarily from the art critics. Because of their public visibility, these projects are treated as “news,” and as we all know, news stories receive far […]