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Hanging on for dear life: Ann Craven at Karma

Contributed by Zach Seeger / Its in the eyes, a teacher told me about a Giacometti painting that hung on the wall in his den. The sitters stare blankly and persistent. We stare back. Ann Cravens current exhibition Animals Birds Flowers Moons at Karma, separated into three locations, is a […]


Ann Craven’s bird and moon paintings

While Craven first exhibited paintings of the moon in 1996, she began the current series of moon paintings�now numbering into the hundreds�in 2001, working on the rooftop of her Harlem studio, also in Maine, and most recently in France, during a fall 2007 artist residency. Each of the small, square […]


Ann Craven speaks in Cambridge

New York-based artist Ann Craven paints wistful, Disneyesque images of birds and deer with a delicate, unhurried touch. She also paints the moon from life every night, and canvases striped with color or black and white. In an essay about her work, Josh Smith writes that the problem with much […]