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Founded in 1994, the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in East Williamsburg is a residency-based contemporary art institution for emerging to mid-career artists and curators. Although many of the artists’ practices comprise performative, installation, photography, bookmaking, and video projects, a few of the current residents are painters. Here are some snaps I took at the open studios a few weeks ago.

Johannes Rochhausen (born 1981, Leipzig) focuses on his studio and the
industrial environment surrounding the ISCP building in East
Williamsburg. Beautifully painted with toned down palette, Rochhausen’s
paintings offer a bleak take on the joyless, helpless satisfaction of a
hermetic life spent in the studio.

Johannes Rochhausen
These color prints of older work were pinned up on Rochhausen’s wall.

Johannes Rochhausen, Studio-2012, 100 x 140 cm. Image courtesy of Galerie Leuenroth??.

During the open studio, performative painter Anastasia Ax (born 1979, lives and works in Stockholm) presented a series of ink drawings on paper that were artifacts from past performances. According to her statement, ink plays two roles. “It belongs to the world of drawing, the physical acts of filling out the white spaces, but the black ink has an element of poison and bile, melancholy and destruction as well. The raw energies connected with the splashing, the spitting out, the havoc, transform time from linear dimensions into circular moments. New thoughts and new communions take shape through the unpredictable openness of the situation.” Yes, I suppose that’s what painting is.

On May 14th, the final installment of ISCP’s Brooklyn Commons artist talk series that pairs local artists with residents features Ax and Janine Antoni. They plan to discuss sculptural production in relation to process and the body.
Anastasia Ax
Anastasia Ax
Anastasia Ax

Paul Dignan (born Dundee, Scotland) makes grid-based abstractions that may seem formulaic, but on extended viewing reveal shifting patterns and nuanced groupings of shape and color to create subtle spatial illusions. The greyed-down color references the harsh light and washed-out colors in Ontario, where Dignan has lived since 2003.

Paul Dignan
Dignan creates very specific color studies on paper before he begins his paintings.

Gamaliel Rodriguez (b. 1977 Bayamon, Puerto Rico) uses black ballpoint pen and Sharpies to create large-scale drawings on canvas that conjure etching, lithography, and night surveillance photography. Rodriguez depicts spooky, isolated industrial complexes that look as though they are based on satellite imagery, but, in fact, the sites are imaginary, built from close examination of reference materials and research.
Gamaliel Rodriguez, detail of a larger drawing.
A Nigerian-born visual artist who immigrated to the US as an adult, 2011 Yale grad Njideka Akunyili creates stunning large-scale collages that evoke her experience as a cosmopolitan Nigerian. By juxtaposing
disparate design and compositional strategies such flat vs illusionistic space, complex pattern vs. unvarying color, Akunyili creates a visual equivalent for the amalgamation of cultures and ideas experienced in contemporary urban environments everywhere. In 2012 she was an artist-in-residence at the Studio Museum in
Harlem and is also participating in the 2013 Bronx Museum Artist in
Marketplace program.
Njideka Akunyili

International Studio & Curatorial Program, 1040 Metropolitan Avenue, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

According to the website:

Residencies are between three and twelve months and are sponsored by
governments, corporations, foundations, institutions, organizations,
galleries and private patrons. ISCP does not provide or arrange
living accommodation, however, a number of partner sponsors, who send
participants to ISCP each year, have a furnished apartment for
residents. In addition, sponsors often give a stipend for accommodation,
living expenses, travel and materials…

The program fee for 2012 is $20,761.68 to $22,947.36 per year or
$1,730.14 to $1,912.28 per month. In addition, the applicant needs to
calculate accommodation, living, travel and health insurance costs for
the duration of their stay in New York.

There is no deadline–applications are reviewed every two months.


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