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Here are some items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter feed. For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed.

 Cara Ober, “Only Dying Makes Us Grow,” 2009, oil and acrylic on canvas, 64 x 60″
  1. BMoreArt blogger Cara Ober mixing word and image at Randall Scott through Feb 13 http://bit.ly/d0S9UD13NX

    Randal Wilcox
  2. RT @ArtCatNY: Randal Wilcox: In My Secrecy I Was Real at Famous Accountants http://dlvr.it/13NX 

     Zack Bent,. “Preaching to the Choir,” 2007
  3. People are Important: Regina Hackett rounds up some advice art http://bit.ly/8YNzYe

  4. Austin Thomas blogs from the  Statler Waldorf Gallery, artist Molly Larkey’s new space in Echo Park, LA  http://bit.ly/9OVEpK

  5. RT @fecalface: What’s the deal with that new Mural at 14th and Valencia? We did some investigation http://bit.ly/dsm4OB 10:19 AM Jan 29th
  6. Finch: Naked breasts=Best in Show //RT @artnetdotcom: Charlie Finch on new paintings by Les Rogers http://bit.ly/cdr0l3 10:15 AM Jan 29th
  7. Did anyone think otherwise? // RT @gerhardrichter: This account is run by the Gerhard Richter web team, not GR personally -Gerhard is busy with his art!! http://bit.ly/16F1ak 10:12 AM Jan 29th
  8. RIP J.D. Salinger RT @bookbench: Links to every story Salinger published in The New Yorker http://bit.ly/dyfe4Y (via @yalepress) 3:51 PM Jan 28th 
  9. Excuse me Tyler: Does the AAM condone this type of activity?? 😉 RT @hragv // Super Bowl trash talk: Serious…bets of significant paintings: http://bit.ly/5cFc22 11:04 AM Jan 27th
  10. RT @KnightLAT: Haiti’s art museums & galleries, like much of everything else, are in a terrible mess http://bit.ly/5MRbky 12:30 PM Jan 24th
  11. I’ve been wondering this myself// RT @nicolejcaruth: Art bloggers of color: Where are you? http://bit.ly/5hLjTu 7:02 PM Jan 22nd
  12. Fine Art Adoption Network at X-Initiative ! //RT @artfagcity: X-Initiative Announces Art Free For All! http://bit.ly/66XvAr 1:23 PM Jan 22nd

  13. Two Coats will be at CAA ARTExchange Friday, Feb. 12, 6-8 –Please stop by and say hello // RT @collegeart Register for CAA Conference in Chicago http://bit.ly/8lnOjm #CAA10 11:55 AM Jan 22nd  
  14. Leah–thanks for the shout out//”A Plague of Bloggers? Really?” http://neditpasmoncoeur.blogspot.com (via @leahsandals) 8:44 PM Jan 20th
  15. I just applied for a studio at the Marie Sharp Walsh Foundation. If you know anyone over there, please put in a good word for me. Thanks!
  16. Look for my review in the upcoming issue of The Brooklyn Rail//RT @ArtCatNY: New Mirrors: Painting in a Transparent World at Exit Art: http://bit.ly/7ndHw5

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