Cristina Toro’s cheery dissonance

In the Boston Globe Cate McQuaid reports that “Toro’s tender, bright, riotous canvases at LaMontagne Gallery captivate with their abundant detail and their range of references. One painting may include nods to Victorian valentines, Turkish decorative arts, needlework, and Josef Albers’s color theory. Toro, a Puerto Rican-born artist who now lives in upstate New York, makes paintings so apparently cheery and stuffed with information that they both soothe and challenge. The party of colors and patterns, the enticing figures and animals, pull a viewer in and serve up odd juxtapositions and pleasingly unsettling dissonances.” Read more.

Cristina Toro: Throw away the lights and say of what you see in the dark,” LaMontagne Gallery, South Boston, MA. Through November.

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