More about “Some Paintings”

Some Paintings: 2007 LA Weekly Annual Biennial,” curated by Doug Harvey. Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. Through Feb.16.

In the LA Times, Christopher Knight reports that the only thing missing from the exhibition is an exclamation mark at the title’s end. “A whopping 81 paintings by 80 artists, most made recently; here is a show that wants to make a point. And it does, with wit, verve and considerable taste. If the taste is not always mine, or yours — well, that seems to be part of the point. The absurdly large numbers of artists and works lampoon the similarly absurd yet now nearly 40-year-old pseudo-argument over whether the practice of painting is alive or dead….Still, for a show that means to mock the dilapidated idea of painting’s demise, which lingers among autocratic types in dusty corners of the academy, the absurdist attitude is more than apt.” Read more.

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