Love letter to painting in LA

Some Paintings: 2007 LA Weekly Annual Biennial,” curated by Doug Harvey. Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. Through Feb.16. Artists include Lisa Adams, David Amico, Michael Arata, Josh Aster, Hilary Baker, Lynne Berman, Sandow Birk, William Brice, Heather Brown, Kristin Calabrese, Steve Canaday, Carol Caroompas, Karen Carson, Scott Cassidy, Mike Chang, Brian Cooper, Daniel Cummings, Walpa D�mark, Linda Day, Georganne Deen, Adrian de la Pe�a, Tomory Dodge, Mark Dutcher, Brad Eberhard, Tim Ebner, Nancy Evans, Amir Fallah, Llyn Foulkes , Charles Garabedian, Alexandra Grant, James Hayward , Todd Hebert, Roger Herman, Gustavo Herrera, David Hockney, Dennis Hollingsworth, Steve Hurd, Charles Irvin, Raffi Kalendarian, Charles Karubian, John Kilduff , Tom Knechtel, John Koller, David Korty, Annie Lapin, Jasmine Little, Spencer Lewis, Nick Lowe, Monica Majoli, Constance Mallinson,Daniel Mendel Black, Sam Messer, Robin Mitchell, Dianna Molzan, Rebecca Morris, Ed Moses, Michael Olodort, Kaz Oshiro, Chris Pate, Lari Pittman, M.A. Peers, Carter Potter, Monique Prieto, Victoria Reynolds, Steve Roden, Allison Schulnik, Brad Spence, Tyler Stallings, Linda Stark, Laurie Steelink, Don Suggs, Marie Thiebeault, Dani Tull, Esther Pearl Watson, Patty Wickman, Robert Williams, Tom Wudl.

This huge show features over 70 painters at all different stages of their careers. In the LA Weekly, art critic Doug Harvey explains his choices. “
Painters in the contemporary art world, particularly those from L.A., have to maintain a chameleonesque indeterminacy about their artistic intentions � be all things to all people � or face ghettoization. Is this an abstract painting? Or a painting of a painting of an abstract painting, wink wink? It�s the emperor�s new clothes all over. The ultimate irony is that the emperor is actually decked out in an Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat � the plausible deniability cultivated by painters for the social sphere creates a temporary autonomous zone in the studio wherein a thousand flowers have blossomed. No one can pin them down, so they can get away with anything. The psycho art-market bubble hasn�t hurt production either.” Read more. In case you haven’t been there, Track 16 Gallery, on the west side of Los Angeles, is an 11,000 foot space filled with art and lots of Americana. The highlights of the gallery’s decor, um, I mean collection, are a 1936 45′ long diner, vintage neon signs, 23 foot art deco bar, a patio, and a stage with a full set of stage lights.

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