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The tale of the street art Splasher

In NY Magazine, Sam Anderson chronicles the ongoing hunt for the Splasher, the radical, young�and possibly lovelorn�conceptual-Marxist street-art supervillain: “Here at the beginning, then, why don�t we just lay out the mystery, the so-called facts, as plain as we can make them. In the fall, some anonymous figure started vandalizing […]


A Brit�s view of street artist Banksy

Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones: �Banksy has achieved something original, something uniquely of our time: found a visual style for self-congratulatory smugness and given a look to well-heeled soi-disant radicalism. So that’s who likes him: self-proclaimed enemies of the state, fermenting in their own self-righteousness.� Read more.


David Gonzalez and the rights of graffiti muralists

“Privacy might seem like an odd desire for these professional graffiti muralists whose works adorn everything from bodegas and medical vans to playgrounds and public schools. But they have been serious about controlling their work ever since a number of their aerosol tableaus were photographed � without their permission � […]