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Artist's Notebook

IMHO: Don’t stop me if I’m repeating myself

“Deja Vu? Revealing Repetition in French Masterpieces,” organized by Eik Kahng. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD. Through Jan. 1. Phoenix Art Museum, January 20 through May 4, 2008. Check out the NYTimes slide show of the exhibition. “America’s Presidents,” Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC. Permanent exhibition. Repetition has always […]


IMHO: Artists Retreat

In the October issue of The Brooklyn Rail, you can find my essay that explores how an art market crash might affect rank and file artists. “With the economy slowing down, hedge funds getting shaky, and investors seeking refuge, the art market seems certain to contract in a big way. […]


The Blogger Show

John Morris, founder of the Digging Pitt Gallery in Pittsburgh, has organized a show devoted to blogger artwork. “The artists in the exhibits represent a range of visual disciplines and aesthetics.” says John. “The one commonality is actively blogging. Some use blogging as a platform for discussing issues facing visual […]


IMHO: Art criticism crit

In maintaining Two Coats of Paint, I’ve read a great many art reviews and noticed a pronounced scarcity of explicit, differential value judgments – i.e., “this is good” or “this is bad.” Here are a couple of ideas that help explain why art criticism is so much less snarky and […]


Elizabeth Murray: tributes and obituaries

In ArtForum, Linda Yablonsky reports that the “Elizabeth Murray Praise Day” at the Bowery Poetry Club, sponsored by Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro, “provided a blend of the poignant and the comic that threatened to bring it closer to a Saturday Night Live skit shredding avant-garde performance practice than an […]


IMHO: Elizabeth Murray, a neo-feminist icon

On Sunday, at her home in upstate New York, Elizabeth Murray died of complications from lung cancer. She was duly renowned as a passionate, energetic, and ambitious painter whose work is in collections all over the world. Yet Murray is rarely credited with helping to forge a neo-feminist vision of […]