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Jennifer Davis, 4 am

Rogue NYC galleries open in August

[NOTE: Published in July 2007] In the NYTimes, Seth Kugel provides a listing of galleries that are open in August: “We’re approaching August in Manhattan, when the island pulls a mini-Paris and coughs up a sizable chunk of its population, spraying the natives Jackson Pollock-like onto the beaches and into […]


Il Lee ballpoint pen drawings at the Queens Museum

“Il Lee: Ballpoint Drawings,” curated by Joanna Kleinberg. The Queens Museum of Art, New York. Through Sept. 30, 2007. The Queens Museum of Art introduces the work of Il Lee (b. 1952), a Korean-born artist living and working in Brooklyn since 1977. Using disposable ballpoint pens, Lee creates dramatic ink […]


MOMA paintings bring the outdoors indoors

Holland Cotter suggests a mini-vacation to see the paintings at MOMA this summer: “In the hot months artists have traditionally fled Paris and New York, but only to take working vacations. They went to the country for refreshment � to wash the studio light from their eyes, as Georges Seurat […]


New Narratives: Contemporary Art From India

Alan G. Artner declares in the Chicago Tribune: “This is a show so full of works embodying meaning that it makes the Western fondness for tacked on ‘concepts’ almost inexcusable. Thanks to the Department of Cultural Affairs for welcoming Betty Seid, a Chicago-based independent curator (with past ties to the […]