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Shahzia Sikander in Sydney

“Shahzia Sikander,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia. Through February 17. Visit her website.Shahzia Sikander studied painting in the Indo- Persian miniaturist tradition before relocating to New York in 1993 from Pakistan. Her paintings, characterized by precise line and delicate touch, have a distinctive iconography that references history, mythology and […]


Shimomura’s deadpan memories of internment

“Roger Shimomura: Minidoka on My Mind” Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, WA. Through Dec. 22. Shimomura’s new paintings explore his childhood experiences in an Idaho internment camp for Japanese-Americans during WW II. “After years of studious concern over content, I feel that I have either reached or sunk to a level […]

Gallery shows

Strassman, Kolodziejczyk, Slick in Boston

“Duane Slick: Paths of My Fathers,” Nielsen Gallery, Boston, MA. Through Dec. 1. “Shadowy and elusive in both form and content. That makes them fascinating to look at; they pull you in, but don’t quite answer your questions. A Native American artist of the Sac and Fox Nation of Iowa, […]


Kentridge-fest at the University of Brighton

“William Kentridge: Fragile Identities,” University of Brighton, Brighton, England. Through Dec. 31. University of Brighton presents William Kentridge’s new work on paper, installations and films, as well as The Soho Eckstein Series, the animated films for which he is best known. In The Guardian, Adrian Searle reports. “Kentridge is best […]


Hickey does Vegas

“Las Vegas Diaspora: The Emergence of Contemporary Art From the Neon Homeland,” curated by Dave Hickey. Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, NV. Through Dec. 30. Travelling to the Laguna Art Museum in March The exhibition features 26 artists who earned degrees in studio art at the University of Nevada, […]


Saltz asks: What’s MoMA’s problem with women?

In New York Magazine, Jerry Saltz asks why there isn’t more women’s work hanging in MoMA’s recently reshuffled permanent collection. “Not to sound like a broken record, but it has become bitterly clear that MoMA�s stubborn unwillingness to integrate more women into these galleries is not only a failure of […]


Romolo Roberti resurfaces in Chicago

“Romolo Roberti: An American Original,” curated by Ken Probst. Robert Henry Adams Fine Art, Chicago, IL. Through Jan. 26. Romolo Roberti, a prominent Chicago artist in the 30’s and 40’s , stashed over 250 paintings in a Mississippi lumber yard. Nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the paintings were recently brought […]


William Beckman’s life studies at Forum

With a surgeon’s attention to detail, William Beckman depicts the people and places closest to him: his family, his first home, and studio, all down to the last strand of hair on each head and smudge on every wall. In the NYTimes, Ken Johnson reports that in this new series […]


IMHO: The super-sizing of American museums

At The American Prospect, check out my take on the current infatuation with art museum expansion. “American art museums are experiencing an unprecedented growth spurt, from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento to smaller museums elsewhere. Museum directors argue that the expansions […]


Capps on Turner

“J.M.W. Turner,” National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Oct. 1-Jan. 6, 2008. See images of Turner paintings from the National Gallery’s collection. In the Guardian Unlimited, Kriston Capps reports: “The Turner retrospective compares with another recent show at the National Gallery of Art: that of his less fortunate contemporary, John […]