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Wayne Thiebaud and starting over

Contributed by Laurie Fendrich / The California painter Wayne Thiebaud died on Christmas Day. He was renowned, first and foremost, for his paintings of candies, cakes, and pies, which he first started exhibiting in New York in the 1950s. He later become known for his surreally steep California landscapes, paintings of the flatlands of Californias midriff, and his lonely, isolated figures. To be sure, the gods were with this painter. Not only did they let him live to the magnificent age of 101, but, up until the end, they gave him lifelong vigor that allowed him to fulfill his passion to work in his studio just about every day. His death makes painters like me feel a real personal loss.

Two Coats Conversations

Two Coats of Paint uses social audio platforms, such as the Clubhouse and Twitter apps, to present discussions about art and the art world. These phone apps are like talk radio — live conversations and audience discussions, unedited, and presented in the moment. Our goal is to provide interesting art […]


Interview: Brandi Twilley and life in the studio

Contributed by Caroline Wells Chandler/ I met Brandi Twilley back in 2008 when we started graduate school together at Yale. Both Southerners and eager for a change of scenery, we became fast friends. For over a decade we have talked extensively about art and creating a sustainable life around making […]


Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: August 2019

In August it seems as if everyone is out of town, but a few galleries, such as Fisher Parrish, Equity Gallery, Karma, Sunroom Project Space at Wave Hill, and Art + Leisure,  are holding their shows over to September, and others are on view for another week or two. We�re looking forward to all kinds of new and […]