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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: September, 2023

Don’t miss the last few days to see “The Summer Disaster Show,” a big group extravaganza at Private Public Gallery and “Darkening Skies,” a three-person show with Pamela Longobardi, Craig Dogonski, and Susan Knippenberg at Mother-In-Law’s. Both shows close on September 4. Intriguing sculptural and installation-based works by Kelcy Chase Folsom and Jason Reed open at Turley Gallery and Michael McGrath’s “Some Small Threats” at Headstone Gallery open on September 2. A clutch of outstanding painting shows also opens at Pamela Salisbury on September 2. At the end of the month, look for another Susan Carr solo at LABspace and site-specific installations by Judith Braun and Rowan Willigan at The Re Institute. My tent and I were up in the Catskills area at the end of August, basking in the moonlight and enjoying the lack of cellular service. Don’t forget to go outside on the night of the 29th and look up at the full moon. Honestly, it’s breathtaking.

Gallery shows

Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: July, 2023

This month check out Carrie Moyer’s first outing at Alexander Gray since they announced her representation a few weeks ago. On July 21-24, the big Upstate Art Weekend juggernaut takes place, but keep in mind there is art everywhere, year round, all the time, in this thriving arts community. If you want to find out what’s happening among the local artists (I do), check out “The Hills Have Eyes” at LABspace, which will feature a slew of talented artists (both the longterm locals and the transplants, who live in Hillsdale and the surrounding towns. No one curates a livelier group show than Julie Torres and Ellen Letcher. At some point, when I can tear myself away from the studio, I hope to see everyone up there.

Gallery shows

Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: May, 2023

This month marks the beginning of the fourth year since the pandemic drove the art community upstate, and, as readers can see from our selected guide, the gallery scene continues to expand and thrive. Seasonal spaces such as the Re Institute are reopening and the hardy year-rounders are gearing up for their busiest season yet.

Gallery shows

Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: March, 2023

This past week members of the Two Coats staff were in Baltimore where we met a talented young curator who grew up spending summers near the Hudson Valley. She told us that the last time she was at the family cabin, she couldn’t believe how the area has become such a magnet for so many NYC area artists and galleries. But it’s true. Here’s our selected guide for March.

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Hudson Valley Selected Gallery Guide: January, 2023

Here we are, at the beginning of another year, and we’re feeling kind of frisky with all the possibilities. If you’re flying out of the area, perhaps down south to warmer weather, don’t forget to stop by the Albany International Airport Gallery and check out “Lumen,” a show comprising work by Shaina Gates, Ben Godward, Heather Hutchison — all artists who engage with light in unusual ways. Honestly, though, everything looks good. Why not go see it all? Put Lizzie Gill and Kristen Jensen’s show at Geary in Millerton on your calendar. It opens at the end of the month.