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Art Fairs

Painting picks from the Outsider Art Fair, 2022

Contributed by Fay Sanders / Since 1993, the Outsider Art Fair has showcased self-taught art from around the globe, and this year�s program continues to highlight the maverick spirit of contemporary artists working outside of the mainstream art world. Housed in the sleek Metropolitan Pavilion, the fair includes work from sixty-two international exhibitors alongside several curated spaces presenting art tackling themes as diverse as psychedelics, maps, legends, and unexpected genres. The vibrant display of painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, and book arts fills the venue with a palpable energy of color and creativity. Here are some paintings that caught my eye at the fair.

Art Fairs

Selected paintings from SPRING/BREAK NYC 2021

Contributed by Fay Sanders and Bob Szantyr / This year much of the work at Spring/Break is engaged with our tenuous grasp on truth, along with themes of Catholic iconography, shame and marginalization, Medieval craft, and speculative and mythological imagery that is readily framed as heretical in a puritanical, Western sense.

Art Fairs

Selected paintings from SPRING/BREAK NYC 2020

Contributed by Fay Sanders / In its ninth year, SPRING/BREAK continues its tradition of turning mundane office spaces into elaborate and vibrant venues for art. This year more than 100 curators and 400+ artists took over two floors of the former Ralph Lauren offices on Madison Avenue to present their […]