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Solo Shows

Caroline Kent: A set of symbols

Contributed by Jonathan Goodman / Caroline Kent, a painter based in Chicago, is having her first show at Casey Kaplan. She makes schematic abstract paintings, which have aspects of doubled, mirror-like imagery. An underlying fiction of her art is the presence of twins, Victoria and Veronica, who speak to each other and to the painter�s audience via the works she creates. Kent�s sign-like abstraction involves a set of symbols whose meaning depends not on any explicitly prescribed content but rather on their visual orientation in terms of form and placement.

Gallery shows

Assembled but not resembling, at Patricia Sweetow

Contributed by Robin Hill / The works in �Assembled,” an absorbing three-person exhibition featuring Julia Couzens, Helen O�Leary, and Cornelia Schulz at Patricia Sweetow Gallery in San Francisco, are defiantly not about anything but are, rather, of many things (of fiber, wood, paint, wire, canvas), and have been realized through many actions (binding, wrapping, stuffing, leaning, interlocking, slathering, skimming, […]

Solo Shows

Leslie Wayne: Beyond painterly

Contributed by Sharon Butler and Jonathan Stevenson / Leslie Wayne, in transcendently clever new work on view at Jack Shainman Gallery through October 21, has encapsulated a significant strand of art history. Renaissance artist Leon Battista Alberti is often credited with the observation that a painting is a window through which […]

Solo Shows

Press release of the day: Giorgio Griffa at Casey Kaplan

In January Casey Kaplan is presenting work from the 1970s by painter Giorgio Griffa (b. Turin, 1936), an Italian painter known for his rigorous approach to conceptual painting. Here is an excerpt from the press release for the show: “In Georgio Griffa�s observations, metaphorical and symbolic imagery exist as an […]


Warp and weft: The grid at Mixed Greens

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Mixed Greens� enterprising group exhibition “Common Thread,” on view through August 28, positions a 1973 Bauhaus grid study by Anni Albers and Ellen Lesperance�s 2009 grid-based gouache deconstruction of her pre-Josef Albers sweater pattern as aesthetic and cultural springboards for work by nine contemporary female […]

Solo Shows

Leslie Wayne: Absorbed and wiped out

In the last few years, much has been made of hybrid paintings that re-purpose canvas and stretcher bars to create sculptural objects. In her solo at Jack Shainman, Leslie Wayne takes a brilliant tangent, presenting small-scale objects made from oil-paint skins that she folds to look like cloths. In the […]