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All the links are about painting this week!

According to NYPost: Husband removes art collection from the apartment while the wife is in Europe, puts the Basquiat up for auction, stashes the rest in a Queens storage facility, then files for divorce. Read more. (Image via Art Market Monitor)


Check out Heimo Zobernig‘s new paintings at Simon Lee (via Contemporary Art Daily)

From the press release:

In this most recent series of paintings the importance and complexity of the conceptual relationship of painting to screen breaks new ground. The surfaces of the works, each 2 metres square, are made up of tesserae which recall the pixels of low resolution 1980s video screens. Zobernig uses the taping and masking technique familiar from many of his recent series of paintings, from the formal grid paintings of the early 2000s to the more gestural broken grids and �spaghetti� paintings of recent years, but in these works the tape used is broader, and cut, a little roughly, by hand. Layers of paint, starting in white and moving through the Chroma-key daylight colours follow, and patterns of tape are removed as the layers are built. Words and letters swim into focus and fragment again. VIDEO, PAINTING, LOOK; these paintings are, as Zobernig jokes, his new videos. In their shimmering texts, their digital palettes, their coarse pixellation, they declare their relationship to the moving image in a way which is at once explicit and playfully elusive.


Quote of the day, from Xandra Ibarra, aka La Chica Boom (via Hyperallergic):

I began my period one day while working at an artist residency. I didn�t have a tampon or pad to prevent the bleeding so I folded a paper towel and put it in my underwear while I went to the store to pick up tampons. When I came back, I removed and opened up the folded paper towel and realized it made a beautiful symmetrical print…


Flora Crockett: 1892-1979,� Meredith Ward Fine Art, UES, New York, NY, through November 21, 2015. In the NYTimes Roberta Smith tells Crockett’s story:

Ms. Crockett left very little imprint on the art world, perhaps because
she always had to work to support herself. She seems to have had a total
of three solo shows during her life. One was in 1937 in Paris, where
she had lived since 1924, just before the impending World War drove her
back to the United States. The second was in 1939 in the town library of
Potsdam, N.Y., where the W.P.A. had sent her to run an art school. The
third was in 1946 at the Bonestell Gallery in New York. … Read more.


Holy shit: Joe Bradley’s Tres Hombres, 2011, sold for $3,077,000, at Christie’s auction this week, a world auction record for the artist.

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