This must be the place?

By Samuel Jablon

Focusing on community creativity, This Must Be The Place, a mixed-use creative arts space above Marlow & Sons was created by the publishers of Diner Journal, the quarterly magazine affiliated with Andrew Tarlow’s restaurants. This month “Sick Velvet Braid,” a group exhibit featuring new work full of pattern, surface design and odd material combinations by Malu Byrne, Sophia Casas, Chen Chen, Isabel Wilson, and Daniel Sullivan is on display. Paintings, sculptures, and textile patterns engage clashing colors, neon lights, toilet paper, Plexiglas boxes, asphalt, resin, and oil paint fill the space. According to the press release, the various materials and contrasting methodologies create “interior realms informed by exterior surfaces.” In Sophia Casas�s untitled zombie like figurative sex painting, the contrast between the loose thickly painted figure, and the wide color streaks in the background is nice touch. I particularly like the pairing of this painting with Isabel Wilson’s textile patterns. Her four large, tight paintings repeat a layered squiggle that seems to warp the eye.  Go see some art, and then do brunch.

Sophia Casas, Untitled, 2011, oil on canvas, 77 x 65 inches. Images by Samuel Jablon / Two Coats of Paint.

Isabel Wilson Untitled, (4 panel), 2012, gouache, oil, and fabric due on canvas, 120 x 96 inches.

Opening night.

I Spy, 2012 mixed media, 108 x108 inches.

Sick Velvet Braid,” This Must Be The Place, Brooklyn, NY (Above Marlow and Sons). Through September 31, 2012.


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