Quote of the Day: Jerry Saltz

In a recent review blasting the New Museum’s text-heavy international survey “The Ungovernables,” Jerry Saltz adds a parenthetical note to curators:

Just once, please, I wish someone would take a stand
and say, “I don’t like painting,” then not include any in his or her
show. One token painter is worse than none.

Or, better yet, we wonder, why not add a second (and third and fourth) painter so that painting is a bigger part of the mix? But Saltz is right–some curators clearly prefer reading to looking.

 Pilvi Takala, The Trainee, 2008, in �The Ungovernables,� New Museum, New York. Yawn.

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  1. Saltz says a lot of the artists are pretty successful and well known on the international circuit. So I guess the art world is still regioanl –just go to the galleries in Bushwick to find it.

  2. I for one love paintings…but I would prefer to see a mix or balance of mediums…makes browsing much more fun and interesting! 🙂

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