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Fall preview for painters

Loren Munk, “Soho Map,” 2005-2006, oil on linen, 60 x 72″
Loren Munk: Location, Location, Location–Mapping the New York Art World,” Leslie Heller, New York, NY. September 7- October 16, 2011.
Munk, who also chronicles the NYC artworld in the James Kalm Report, is all about connections. I’m looking forward to the opening tonight, which will most likely feel like one of his paintings has come to life.
Kris Chatterson, “Untitled,” 2011, acrylic on canvas, 72″ x 60″

Kris Chatterson: New Paintings,” Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, NY. September 9- October8, 2011.

Last year Chatterson co-curated Working Title, an exhibition of contemporary abstraction at The Bronx River Art Center, so I’m interested to see what he’s been up to in the studio.  Looks like a lot of manipulation, distortion, digital printing, transferring, then more painting on top…

Davina Semo, “X MARKS THE ROT,” 2011, spray paint transfer on reinforced concrete, 16 � 16″ 

WE BEGIN WITH THE NOISE,” new works by Davina Semo. Martos Gallery, New York, NY. September 8 – October 8, 2011

Davina is absorbed by the disorienting and relentless abstraction of our lived experience, repurposing the ubiquitous industrial landscape of chains, concrete and glass. She etches, distresses, shatters and bends her materials–much like the heaps of scrap metal  and collaged debris found on sidewalks, in vacant lots, and down alleys.

Carrie Moyer, Canonical,” CANADA, New York, NY. September 14 – October 16, 2011.
Recently featured  in Art in America and The Brooklyn Rail, Moyer is finally having her well-deserved moment. In a conversation with Phong Bui, she talks about painting, political activism, and all the painters she loves.
Jim Herbert, “Backyard Sex,” acrylic on canvas, 9 � 10′

“Jim Herbert: New Paintings,” English Kills Art Gallery, Bushwick BK, NY. September 10-October 16, 2011.

I’m anticipating more massive paintings in the cavernous space. “Art making can be a sensual, playful experience – but with the possibility of a wreck on every turn.” Herbert told me last year. “Both hands on the wheel please.”

 Ella Kruglyanskaya, “Stick up,” 2011, oil on canvas, 55×60″ Courtesy of the artist’s website.

Magic Hand!” Includes work by Jonathan Allmaier, Ben Berlow, Ross Bleckner, Cheryl Donegan, Joanne Greenbaum, Ella Kruglyanskaya,” curated by Joshua Abelow. Seventh in a series of exhibitions ART BLOG ART BLOG is presenting at a temporary location in Chelsea, NY. Through September 17, 2011.

What painter would miss a show that uses this Bukowski poem in the press release?

working out by Charles Bukowski

Van Gogh cut off his ear
gave it to a
who flung it away in
Van, whores don’t want
they want
I guess that’s why you were
such a great
painter: you
didn’t understand
much else.

And now I’m off to the studio. Stay tuned for more fall previews tomorrow!

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  1. really enjoying the interesting Color palettes these painters are offering.

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