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A page from my sketchbook.

Tonight The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is holding a special event for artists only, and some have been invited to give five-minute slide presentations about their work. For my presentation I decided to make a little video in iMovie. The video features images from sketchbooks, studio and the @ Bushwick & Main blog. To publish the video online, I joined Vimeo. Suddenly it struck me: We need a TV channel about painting–so I decided to create one for Two Coats of Paint. I posted my video, two from the James Kalm Report, a Leidy Churchman piece, and one created by Timothy Buckwalter. If you’ve created videos about painting and posted them on Vimeo, send me a link and I’ll add them to the new Two Coats channel. Thanks for watching.

Note: I’ll be live tweeting from The Aldrich tonight from  7�9 pm, #aldrich.


  1. Great idea. I'll be watching the channel–

  2. You can see both videos about my painting at my website. Just go to the videos section to check them out. They are Youtube though.


    Wonderful idea Sharon.

  3. Dear Sharon,

    Excellent idea about Vimeo. Keep this up, and soon you'll be bigger than Google!

    I've been posting a weekly web talk, mainly about painting, on my Vimeo channel. Link is here:

    If you think it's suitable, I would be honoured if you put the link on your new Vimeo page.

    Best wishes,

    Philip Hartigan, Chicago

  4. Or did you mean links to single videos? e.g.


    which would load the Meditation on Otto Dix' 'The Skat Players'

    Philip Hartigan, Chicago

  5. thank you your video made my morning.

  6. Thanks for the links. Philip–I'll have a look. Jeffrey–they need to be on Vimeo. Sherie–Thanks!

  7. LOVED your Vimeo movie. Am totally inspired. I'm doing a wall painting this week for an install and then a live one the night of the reception. I'll send you a link when done.

  8. MAH–can't wait to see it. Post it to Vimeo and send me a link.

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