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Stop by #class, either in person or via video feed, a sprawling project underway at Winkleman Galery. William Powhida and Jen Dalton have turned the gallery into a ‘think tank’ for guest artists, critics, academics, dealers, collectors, and anyone else who’s interested to examine the way art is made, seen, and sold in our culture. Their goal is to identify and propose alternatives and/or reforms to the commercial model and attendant commodification of art, but also the unquantifiable, intangible, unpaid aspects of participating in the art world. They transformed the gallery from a showroom into a conference room, where discussions and events will take place from approximately Feb 20 – March 20, 2010.  On Thursday, March 4, at 4pm, I’m leading a discussion/rant/faculty meeting about our experiences in art school–both as students and faculty.  I hope you can stop by. Winkleman Gallery, 621 West 27th Street (NEW LOCATION), New York, NY 10001.

Other #class events this week:
(Click here for live video feed and a full schedule of events.)

Wednesday: El Celso – Art Shred, 2:00 pm
Lisa Levy – Investigating Personal Obstacles to Creativity, 4:00pm

Thursday, March 4
Lizabeth Rossof – Do I Have to Live in NYC? 2:00pm
The Ivory Tower, Sharon L. Butler, 4:00pm
Rocio Rodriguez Salceda  – Receta, 6:00pm

Friday, March 5
Carolina Miranda – C-Monster teaches Art Yoga, 2:00pm
WAGE Artists, 4:00pm
Nic Rad – Celebritist Manifesto, 6:00pm

Saturday, March 6
Leigh Waldron-Taylor – Kaprow Reading, 2:00pm
Background, Identity and the Straight White Male, 4:00pm
Rod Verplanck, Motivational Speaker, 6:00pm

Ongoing event on Facebook: Facebook Group (Day)Job
(Day)Job–the very name is a qualifier–implying that it isn�t one�s �job� per se–though, in the case of many (most?) cultural producers, it may be the only income generating job. (Day)Job is a photo-archive of cultural producers and their �dayjobs,� self-posted using the social networking reach of Facebook. Artists Tara Fracalossi and Thomas Lail ask: How do we define ourselves? How do we want to be defined? What�s your (Day)Job? Join the Facebook Group (Day)Job and post your photographic answer.

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  1. i stumbled upon #class through twitter a couple of days ago and am absolutely thrilled that something like this exists. Looking forward to the upcoming talks.

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