Medical rights advocate Regina Holliday paints murals about our inadequate healthcare system

A detail of Regina Holliday’s mural showing her husband, Fred, in his hospital bed receiving a blood transfusion.

NPR had a devastating story yesterday about  Regina Holliday‘s outrageous experience with the health care system after her husband Fred was diagnosed with cancer. Holliday, a DC-based medical rights advocate, is currently at work on a series of murals depicting the need for clarity and transparency in medical records. “On a humid day this summer, in a parking lot at the long back wall of a gas station, Regina Holliday stood on a scaffold with her palette of red, black and blue and started painting a mural.  At the center, there’s a dying man in a hospital. It’s Regina Holliday’s husband, Fred. He died on June 17th of kidney cancer. He was 39 years old, with his wife and two young sons. For official Washington, this has been the season of health care overhaul. Fred and Regina’s personal health care struggle overlapped the policy debate going on in another part of the city. Now she’s painted the story of her husband’s difficult final days on the gas station wall in a residential neighborhood several miles from the U.S. Capitol and the White House.” To listen to the complete story on NPR, click here.

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